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By September 19, 2022Uncategorized

EatMe Global commenced QR dine-in, takeaway and food delivery operations in Singapore this week.


EaMe is a convenient, technically robust and affordable meal ordering application that empowers users to indulge in the rich variety of cuisines in the Singapore mainland. ‘Table services’ is a convenient and useful feature for customers that allows for contactless customer services at restaurants.

“A significant portion of the ‘hungry customer’ market preferred to reserve a table or pick up their food from eat-out spots. Customers should find it easier to order online and be able to add to their order and pay later. Restaurants should be able to swiftly and efficiently manage customers and orders, menus and their inventory,” he noted”

Jude KumarCEO and Co Founder
The ‘Dine-in QR code’ based ordering system allows benefits such as contactless food ordering whilst at the table, reduced waiter staff, detailed menu information and supports multiple payment methods. QR codes are becoming increasingly popular in restaurants as a way to provide information to customers about the food they are eating. Jude further mentioned “By scanning a QR code with their smartphone, customers can access detailed professional images of dishes, choose the right add-ons and choices and once you place an order you are free to keep adding food items, worry about paying later!
EatMe provides restaurants with 3 main products – QR Dine-in ordering, direct web links, and a marketplace app for dine-in, delivery and pickup available for mobile users on the app store and google play store for download. EatMe is designed with a host of modern features such as; restaurant sales analytics, free social and search engine marketing, commission-free sales, a fully integrated website ordering platform, restaurant manager application, loyalty programs and more. CEO Jude Kumar further stated that current promotions include six months waiver off service subscriptions for the first 1000 restaurants exclusively in Singapore.

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EatMe allows customers to place orders and purchase their food of choice through trusted payment gateways such as Stripe, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and more.’We have also integrated Swiftchat into our platform to allow instant access to our customer support desks’ – Thiya,go Somasundaram, Head of Operations, stated

Integrated with Stripe, the trusted payment gateway.

We have integrated Swiftchat into our platform to allow instant access to our customer support desks’ – Thiyago Somasundaram, Head of Operations, stated.

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